Constance’s Influencer Journey

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Constance Ngobeni is making waves as a shining light in the heart of Gauteng, in the vibrant community of Winterveldt, Pretoria. At only 23 years old, Constance has become an influential figure for young people in her community, through her participation in the My Journey Programme, which works to decrease HIV and AIDS rates in South Africa through engaging, informing and empowering adolescent girls and young people. 

The programme is funded by The Global Fund and implemented by NACOSA in Gauteng in partnership with organisations working in communities. As a My Journey influencer, Constance uses social media platforms to inform and engage with young people about health services and other programme offerings. She shares accurate information on sexual and reproductive health and rights, encourages positive behaviours to reduce HIV risks, and make the voices of young people heard. The current 48 Influencers were selected from the My Journey programme and are all between 18 and 25, out of school and were not in education, employment or training.

Her involvement with the My Journey Programme began unexpectedly in 2020, when she was approached by a former social worker from Childline Gauteng, who recognised her potential.  

“One of the former social workers from Childline Gauteng, who was my in-school social worker when I was in matric in 2018, recruited me on my way home somewhere in 2020, and that’s how I got enrolled into the programme,” she reflects.

Her life changed significantly after she joined the My Journey Influencer programme. “I was struggling with public speaking, especially if I had to address a large number of audiences,” she recalls.

“Since I became an influencer, public speaking has been like a walk in a park for me, smooth. My confidence levels went sky high thanks to the programme.” 

Beyond boosting her confidence, the programme has provided Constance with some financial support. “Now I don’t have to sleep with someone in exchange for money or food because of desperation,” she explains. “I am less vulnerable, and with that, my health is also not compromised because I am aware that poverty can lead one to risk their health just so they can survive.” 

She has also become a role model for young people in her community. “I have young people who look up to me now because of the My Journey Influencer programme,” she proudly shares. “My digital footprint has positively improved because of the training I got from the programme.” 

Constance’s influencer journey shows how community-focused projects like the My Journey Programme can change the lives of young people. Through her advocacy and leadership, she is paving the path for a better, healthier future for herself and those around her. 

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