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for male and female bodies and other HIV prevention tools like PrEP

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Health services like contraception, pregnancy tests, the morning after pill, screening for sexually transmitted infections and TB


Someone to talk to if you are having problems


Safe spaces where you can get access to computers, fun workshops and extra help if you are living with HIV or a disability


Getting your ID card and social grants


Skills and opportunities if you are not in education, employment or training

What's New

Constance’s Influencer Journey

Constance Ngobeni is making waves as a shining light in the heart of Gauteng, in the vibrant community of Winterveldt, Pretoria. At only 23 years old, Constance has become an influential figure for young people in her community, through her participation in the My Journey Programme, which works to decrease HIV and AIDS rates in…

Transformative Collaboration with Traditional Leaders: A Success Story in Nyandeni, Eastern Cape

Picture: Deputy Minister of Health with traditional leadership in Nyandeni during a My Journey Adolescents and Young People programme activation Traditional Leaders are naturally looked upon for guidance, leadership and inspiration in rural communities.  They are pathfinders in their communities and in the rural village of Nyandeni in OR Tambo district they have not only…

A Path to Economic Strengthening through Gardening

In the heart of Mphanama village, Limpopo, a remarkable gardening project is transforming the lives of the “My Journey” AYP Program beneficiaries, particularly the Adolescent and Young People (AYPs). Implemented by the Institute of Health Programs and Systems (IHPS), this initiative aims to provide AYP led economic strengthening and empowerment in their Mphanama Safe Space.…

Strong, powerful, brilliant!

“As you know, this is a male dominated industry. People will discourage you. People will doubt you. But I stay focused and stay the course, no matter what… I stay the course. Women are strong, powerful, brilliant and wonderful.” When Tsakane Baloyi came home and told her father it was time for him to stop…

Engaging men and boys

“It’s important that we engage men and boys. If we’re serious about finding solutions, all genders must be sitting at the same table, having conversations and finding solutions that will help everyone.” Ndumiso Madubela, Program Specialist, My Journey Programme In South Africa, most new HIV infections occur among adolescents and young adults, with HIV prevalence…

Tsakane’s Journey

“It was too good to be true, honestly. Having someone to listen to me, to all my problems. Do Ireally even matter? Do people even care who I am? I’m just from a village, sometimes we don’teven have electricity, we don’t have running water, so who cares who I am? And then Childlinewas like, ‘No,…